Imported P84 waterproof and oil proof needle felt

Products Description
Product Name:imported P84 waterproof and oil proof needle felt
Brand Name:Heng yi
Place of Origin:liaoning fushun•hengyi
Type:needle nonwoven fabric
Usage:Dust filter
Material:imported P84Fiber
Working temperature:<260(MAX:280)
Certification:ISO9001:2008   ISO14001:2004
Packing and Delivery
Packaging:Water proof woven bag and Carton or customized
Delivery Time:Within 15days after payment
Product Presentation
The imported P84 needle felt is made of P84 fiber With three foliage structure imported from Austria, the fiber itself has a larger specific surface area, it can Increase the contact probability of fiber and dust particles, and the efficiency of the intercepting and collecting of the dust in the flue gas is greatly improved;product water repellency grade (≥ 4), can be effectively adapted to wet dust removal industrial conditions .
Fiber Imported P84Fiber
Base cloth PTFE base cloth
Weight g/m2 550
thickness(mm) 2.0-2.2
after treatment Heat-setting、Singed one side、surface smoothing       
Chemical Finish PTFE emulsion ,Water and oil resistance dipping treatment            
Air permeability(m3/m2·min) 14.0-16.0
Break Strength (N/10×5cm) Warp    ≥900
Weft    ≥1200
Break Elongation(%) Warp     ≤35
Weft     ≤50
Working temperature(℃) 260-280
Resistance to acid good Resistance to oxidation good   
Resistance to alkali good    Resistance to Hydrolysis good   

Product Application
Suitable for the dust collection of the corrosive flue gas of chemical plant, metal melting, garbage incineration, cement preheater and coal boiler.etc.