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        Fushun HengYi science and technology filtration material Co., Ltd, is a professional enterprise that focuses on the production and development of the series product of Non-woven needled materials. The product is mainly used for the application of Gas-solid & liquid-solid separation in the industrial conditions. Our company takes the leading in importing hole set of German Made Non-woven needled production line of DILO, besides the four local made production lines. The annual production capacity of the company can reach to 8 million square meters.  With the full automatic sewing equipment, the annual fabrication capacity of the dust-abatement filter bag can reach to 1.8 million pieces. We can also supply the special framework for the filter bag. The framework can be made with 8 to24 pieces of frame and applied the surface treatment of galvanization and high-temperature spray finishing. The objective of our company is to “Keep permanent good quality & Keep contribution to environment protection ”.
        According to the different application conditions, our professional staff will recommend to the customer the best suitable filter materials with the reasonable cost performance. After ten years of unremitting efforts, The product of “HengYi” has been widespread used in the application of  power generation, cement and construction material production, steel industry, metal melting, municipal waste incineration, chemical industry, medicine production, food industry. We also supply to the OEMs of environment-protection equipment and the design institutes. The high quality of product helps us to gain very good reputation among the customers.
+86 13842342046